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Edge 3D Microscope - for Research and Industry

Edge-3d microscope Mark 2

Edge-3D Research Microscope Mark 2 coming in late 2019

Reveal Hidden Depth Information to Improve Understanding

Why 3D?
  • Reveal Hidden Depth Information
  • Reduce misdiagnosis
  • Increase productivity
  Why Edge-3D?
  • Fully automated 3D imaging
  • 5 Types of 3D Visualization
  • Plug & play and user friendly

Multiple features can be used on each operation mode...


  • Z-Focus Stacking and Reconstruction
  • 3D Measurements
  • Tomography
  • Stereo 3D
  • Topography Surface Profiling (reflective light only)

Modes of Operation:

  • Transmitted, Reflected, and Oblique Illumination
  • Brightfield/darkfield
  • Phase Contrast
  • Polarization
  • Epi-Fluorescence (optional accessory)

Example of features on a single specimen:
Z-Focus stacking:

  Full-Focus Reconstruction:

Full Focus Stacking Results for edge-3d microscope

3D Tomography:


3D Measurement (in Microns):

3D Measurement mode on 3dge-3D microscope

Topography Surface Profiling and 3D Mesaurement modes on a Firing Pin Impression:

Topography Surface Profiling:

(Firing Pin impression in shell casing)


Topography 3D Measurement (in Microns):

Topography 3D Measurement Firing Pin Impression in Shell Casing Edge-3d Microscope

(Firing Pin impression in shell casing)

Fluorescence Imaging with triple bandpass filter:

H&E Preparation of Skin:

H&E Preparation of Skin using triple Bandpass filter on Edge-3d Microscope


Unicellular Ciliate :

Unicellular Ciliate Fluorescence imaging with triple bandpass filter using edge 3d microscope


See more examples on the APPLICATIONS pages

Powerful 3D Light Microscopes for:
Industry - Research - Biomedicine - Education


Forensic Demo Video:

Edge-3D Microscope Demo Video:


Edge-3D Software Demo Video:


The edge-3D MICROSCOPE is a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than are found in expensive 3D confocal microscopes.

The microscope is one of the most important tools for science and industry. Although microscope specimens are three-dimensional objects, the vast majority of conventional microscopes produce only flat, two-dimensional images, with extremely shallow depth of field. With the advent of computers, lasers and robotics, the poor depth of field problem has been solved. Automated microscopes can take a series of images at different focus points, and then the out-of-focus portions are removed from each image. A computer reconstructs the in-focus portions of the image with dramatically extended depth and clarity. Edge has developed a unique 3D microscope with extended depth of focus and clarity that is user friendly with a variety of useful features.

Edge is innovating high grade 3D light microscopes with the flexibility and multiple features of a universal microscope while adding unique practical features to increase productivity and reduce misinformation and misdiagnosis. Edge recognizes that 3D reveals a hidden dimension of reality that cannot be seen with 2D. So, in addition to its extraordinary 2D capabilities, the Edge is also a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than can be found in any other microscope.

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