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Edge 3D Panfocal Microscopy
Confocal-Like Results at a Fraction of the Price
Plug & Play 3D Conversion Kit for your 2D Microscope

Information and Understanding through Three-Dimensional Imaging
Edge 3D Panfocal Imaging System for Research and Industry

Can your microscope do this?

Yes, it can!

Here's how



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The Edge PANFOCAL 3D Imaging System converts your current light microscope into a powerful, high definition 3D image analysis instrument. Edge recognizes that 3D reveals a hidden dimension of reality that cannot be seen with 2D, adding unique practical features that increase productivity and reduce misinformation and misdiagnosis. In addition, the Edge 3D Illumination System provides real-time 3D imaging as well as extraordinary 2D capabilities, such as superior live-cell imaging features that improve resolution, contrast and depth of field.


The Edge 3D Panfocal System transforms your current light microscope into a 3D image analysis instrument, providing more information and deeper understanding.

The edge-3d accessory is a universal modular add-on upgrade that attaches to most light microscopes, including both upright and inverted configurations. The system can be used with most light microscope techniques including transmitted light, reflected light, bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarization and florescence.

The Edge 3D Panfocal System includes:

1. Your WIN 10 computer loaded with the Edge 3D Panfocal Software.

2. A Prior Scientific focus drive with an adapter that connects to your microscope’s focus knob.

3. Optional 3D illuminator for real-time 3D and live cell imaging without the need for DIC and compatible with plastic culture dishes.

The edge-3D imaging provides rich spacial information that is lost or obscured in two-dimensional imaging. The software controls the stage of your computer via the Prior focus mount and creates image stacks that you specify telling it where to start, where to stop, how many steps to take photos at, and the distance of each step (as small as a single micron).

The Edge 3D Panfocal system is an affordable way to upgrade your existing microscope to give it new powerful features similar to what you would get with a confocal microscope at a fraction of the price.

Our system provides seven modes of imaging including:

1. Conventional 2D images

2. Full focus image-stack reconstruction in 2D.

3. Full focus stereo 3D images using 3D glasses.

4. Rotational 3D video loops (no glasses required).

5. Color-coded depth maps for 3D measurement.

6. Anaglyph (red/blue) stereo 3D for use with red/blue glasses.

7. 3D model mode for topography.

You can use samples from 20 microns in thickness up to 300 microns depending on your stain and objective lens power.

The system requires an approved USB 3 digital camera mounted to the top trinocular of your existing microscope head.

Please email any technical questions or quote inquiries to greenberg@edge-3d.com

Increase productivity and accuracy with the Edge 3D Panfocal accessory.


Why 3D?
  • Reveal Hidden Depth Information
  • Reduce misdiagnosis
  • Increase productivity
  Why Edge-3D?
  • Fully automated 3D imaging
  • 5 Types of 3D Visualization
  • Plug & play and user friendly

Multiple features can be used on each operation mode...


  • Z-Focus Stacking and Reconstruction
  • 3D Measurements
  • Tomography
  • Stereo 3D
  • Topography Surface Profiling (reflective light only)

Modes of Operation:

  • Transmitted, Reflected, and Oblique Illumination
  • Brightfield/darkfield
  • Phase Contrast
  • Polarization
  • Epi-Fluorescence

Example of features on a single specimen:
Z-Focus stacking:

  Full-Focus Reconstruction:

Full Focus Stacking Results for edge-3d microscope

3D Tomography:


3D Measurement (in Microns):

3D Measurement mode on 3dge-3D microscope

Topography Surface Profiling and 3D Mesaurement modes on a Firing Pin Impression:

Topography Surface Profiling:

(Firing Pin impression in shell casing)


Topography 3D Measurement (in Microns):

Topography 3D Measurement Firing Pin Impression in Shell Casing Edge-3d Microscope

(Firing Pin impression in shell casing)

Edge-3D Software Demo Video:


Edge-3D microscope Mark 1

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The edge-3D MICROSCOPE is a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than are found in expensive 3D confocal microscopes.

The microscope is one of the most important tools for science and industry. Although microscope specimens are three-dimensional objects, the vast majority of conventional microscopes produce only flat, two-dimensional images, with extremely shallow depth of field. With the advent of computers, lasers and robotics, the poor depth of field problem has been solved. Automated microscopes can take a series of images at different focus points, and then the out-of-focus portions are removed from each image. A computer reconstructs the in-focus portions of the image with dramatically extended depth and clarity. Edge has developed a unique 3D microscope with extended depth of focus and clarity that is user friendly with a variety of useful features.

Edge is innovating high grade 3D light microscopes with the flexibility and multiple features of a universal microscope while adding unique practical features to increase productivity and reduce misinformation and misdiagnosis. Edge recognizes that 3D reveals a hidden dimension of reality that cannot be seen with 2D. So, in addition to its extraordinary 2D capabilities, the Edge is also a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than can be found in any other microscope.

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