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spacerspacer Neuroscience video:

spacerspacer Purkinje cell:    
purkinje cell conventional microscope focus levels purkinje cells deep focus with Edge 3D microscope purkinje cell motion parallax 3D with edge 3d microscope
Conventional microscopes only allow you to see small portions of the image in focus at a time.

Edge 3D microscopes allow you to see the entire image in focus with Z-Focus Stacking technology.

The Edge 3D micrososcope also outputs rotational motion parallax 3D movies, providing rich visual information.

spacerspacerBrain Vessels:    
brain vessels individual focus levels conventional microscope brain  vessels deep focus edge 3D microscope brain vessels rotational video motion parallax 3D
Conventional microscope Edge Z-Focus Stacking Image Rotational movie of motion parralax 3D

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